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Sticky Password Premium
Sticky Password Premium
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    Protect your information with Lamantine Sticky Password Premium

    Almost all users know the problem, which is covered in the media and by consumer protection magazines again and again. Many passwords are insecure and on top of that they are used multiple times. Some users even set only one password that they use for all services. Whether for online banking, logging in to Facebook or the e-mail account - always using the same password is anything but smart. This is because criminals only need to crack or guess your password once to take control of your digital identity and possibly cause horrendous financial damage.

    In fact, it hardly has anything to do with classic hacking when passwords with far too simple a structure can be guessed. In fact, hackers need neither particularly complex software nor ingenious knowledge to learn average user passwords. The fact that many people simply use combinations such as "password123", the child's date of birth, or "1234" as a PIN means that a large number of accounts can be cracked and taken over by pure guesswork.

    But why do users behave so riskily when they are aware of the dangers of simple passwords and of using the same password multiple times? The answer is obvious: many people can't or don't want to remember complex, long password combinations - and certainly not multiple ones. With extra logins required almost everywhere these days to gain secure access to social media, online retailers and other services, this is a real problem. Fortunately, it can be solved.

    Don't use just any password manager

    There are countless password managers out there. Even internet browsers offer features to generate and store passwords. There's little to be said against that, but browsers themselves are regularly the target of cyber attacks, and not everyone wants to blindly entrust their credentials to the big corporations. So if you want to keep control and still use secure passwords, you have to use a good password manager.

    However, you should not use just any product, because not all of them are powerful, secure or trustworthy. With Sticky Password from Lamantine, you won't have these problems. The software automatically generates secure password combinations for you that cannot be cracked by mere guessing. All password generators can do this more or less well. But the second problem of users must also be solved - no one wants to have to remember the cryptic passwords from the generator.

    Already with one account this would be difficult, but imagine having to store a separate, complex password in the brain for all logins on the net - only very few people can do that. As a result, such passwords would either not be used at all or written down somewhere, which again is not what the inventor intended. Sticky Password by Lamantine not only creates your secure passwords, but also stores them for you in an absolutely secure database that only you can access. You only set a master password once, which you have to remember. After that, you can securely back up all accounts with different and complex passwords without having to remember them all or being easily attacked.

    Other features make Sticky Password a premium product

    Sticky Password Premium can do even more than generate and securely store passwords. For example, you can have Sticky Password securely and reliably manage your entire contact list from your phone or computer. Never again will you have to search in different applications or fret that old contacts aren't stored in your new PC. Names, addresses, email contacts, phone numbers and all other information can be stored in a clearly arranged database. Of course, just as secure as your passwords.

    - Synchronize data with other end devices securely via WiFi (and not over the Internet)
    - support for 16 popular browsers allows seamless work without password chaos
    - suitable for PC, Mac, Android and iOS end devices
    - secure storage of credit card data for faster purchase processing on the Internet
    - encryption according to the highest military standards

    If you ever lose your phone or your PC breaks down, you can always restore your decentrally stored contacts. So if you are looking for a secure password manager that automatically supports all major browsers, a license for Lamantine's software is the right choice for you. Buy your software directly from us and download it conveniently immediately after payment, so that from now on you will only use secure passwords.