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Zemana AntiLogger 2022 | for Windows
Zemana AntiLogger 2022 | for Windows
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    Products from Zemana Ltd.

    Zemana Ltd.

    Innovative security solutions from Zemana

    Cyber criminals immediately exploit any vulnerability of your computer. Whether it's a virus, Trojan or other malware - without reliable protection, your system is always at risk. This is especially true for threats from the Internet, because surfing the web is one of the most common sources of malware transmission. Whereas removable media and e-mail attachments used to be considered the greatest dangers, modern malware concepts now outsmart users where the chance for error is greatest - when entering data.

    It makes no difference whether you enter keystrokes in an application on the computer or enter your access data in the browser. All inputs can be recorded by so-called keyloggers - thus, passwords and other sensitive information simply fall into the lap of criminals. This applies not only to wireless keyboards that communicate with the computer via radio, but also to wired inputs, because the keyloggers are often located on the PC without being detected and log all activities. The keylogger then transmits the tapped data to the originator of the infection.

    It is obvious that there is an extreme potential for abuse and damage here. Such malware is often undetectable even by the best antivirus software and sneaks into the system unnoticed. Fortunately, there is a very good solution for this. With AntiLogger from Zemana, you have innovative software on your PC that not only protects your browser, but also monitors all applications where keystrokes are made. In doing so, Zemana takes a different approach than most other providers.

    Instead of trying to find and eliminate malicious programs that are always being designed, AntiLogger deprives them of their basis by immediately encrypting all input in the background. So even if a keylogger were to record your keystrokes, no usable information can be read. At best, the hacker will get encrypted character combinations that he can't do anything with.

    Use AntiLogger in combination with other security solutions

    Of course, keylogger protection is only one element of a secure PC system. That is why you should always use Zemana AntiLogger in combination with other security programs such as powerful virus scanners. To make this work smoothly, Zemana AntiLogger offers comprehensive compatibility with almost all popular antivirus solutions on the market. In addition, the program enhances system security with what is known as SSL Intrusion Prevention.

    This is intended to close possible vulnerabilities in SSL encryption from the outset. In the full version, Zemana's AntiLogger naturally offers considerably more features than in the free trial version, which only has basic protection. Thus, with the premium version you get additional effective protection against system intrusions, protection of your cloud files, as well as protection against hostile takeover of webcam or microphone. Particularly important is also the blocking of screen capture attempts from the outside.

    Safer on the web with AntiLogger from Zemana

    The presence of keyloggers on a system is particularly critical when it comes to banking data. When doing online banking, there is of course no way around entering sensitive data. Despite high security standards, the keyboard is still the biggest vulnerability for online banking. AntiLogger from Zemana also prevents access to such information.

    Zemana AntiLogger offers:

    - protection against keylogging of keystrokes
    - secure encryption of all input
    - compatibility with most antivirus programs
    - protection against webcam and microphone hijacking
    - protection against screen capturing
    - secure creation and modification of passwords
    - more security for online shopping and online banking

    Buy your license for AntiLogger from Zemana directly from our store now. You can then download and install the program immediately, so that in future you no longer have to worry about strangers virtually looking over your shoulder when you type in keystrokes. In combination with a powerful antivirus software, which you can also find in our range, you can use AntiLogger to complete your system protection.