Microsoft Outlook 2021 | for Mac

Microsoft Outlook 2021 | for Mac
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    Product information "Microsoft Outlook 2021 | for Mac"

    Buy Outlook 2021 for Mac and use an efficient email management program

    When you buy Microsoft Outlook 2021 for Mac online through our store, you purchase the latest version of the versatile email management program that lets you conveniently manage tasks, contact information and calendars in addition to emails. Thus, the feature-rich software not only serves to receive, answer, forward and archive e-mails. Both at home and in the office, the features ensure efficient and time-saving work. With the integrated Outlook calendar, you can manage appointments of all kinds and effortlessly plan even large meetings with different participants. Calendars can be shared quickly and easily with other users. Never lose valuable contact information again. In Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac you can store not only email addresses, but also other information such as phone numbers and postal addresses. The software impresses with a wide range of features. Using rules, you can specify how e-mails from certain senders should be automatically managed by the software. The handy email templates can be customized according to your own preferences. If you buy Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac, you can delete duplicate emails with just a few clicks thanks to the "clean up" feature. Outlook also has a dedicated archive folder for emails that you want to keep, but no longer want to show up in your main inbox. Accordingly, with the Outlook 2021 license, you get a multifunctional tool.

    The Outlook 2021 Mac improvements and new features

    Compared to the previous versions, you can expect some impressive new features and improvements. In addition to a modernized start interface and updated tabs in the ribbon, far-reaching features are among the strengths of the new version of the email management program. Of particular note is the fact that Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac can now translate email messages directly into more than 70 languages. Thus, no additional software is required to read incoming emails in the preferred language. The Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac license makes language barriers a thing of the past, especially to the delight of companies with international customers. Diagrams, images and other graphics can now be saved as SVG files and subsequently processed with another program. One of the strengths of the SVG format is that the graphics can be freely scaled without any loss of quality. If you buy Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac, new graphics, icons and other content will be available in the media library.

    Buy Outlook 2021 Mac cheap and use advanced features

    While every email system is expected to have a search feature, Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac lets you search not only your emails, but also your calendar, tasks, and contacts. You've probably received emails in the past that contained details about an upcoming meeting. Outlook 2021 Mac allows you to sync your emails with your calendar and get the meeting information directly that way. Just a click of a button and you'll see what you have planned for the coming days and weeks. When you buy Microsoft Outlook 2021 Mac, you'll always have the most important information at your fingertips. Outlook 2021 includes many of the IntelliSense features that are familiar from other Office applications. One of the most useful is the automatic preview feature in the inbox. It allows a user to see the first three lines of incoming messages without having to open them, allowing for quick email sorting.

    System requirements:


    Intel or Apple Silicon processor (M1 chip)

    Operating Systems

    Mac OS for Mac
    Office for Mac is supported under the three latest versions of macOS. With the general availability of new major versions of macOS, Microsoft will discontinue support for the oldest version and instead support the latest and both previous versions of macOS. Product feature functionality and availability may vary on older systems. For a smooth user experience, use the latest version of each of the operating systems listed above.


    at least 4 GB RAM

    Hard diskspace

    at least 10 GB available space


    at least Display resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels

    (contact the manufacturer for more detailed information)

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