Microsoft Excel 2021 | for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2021 | for Mac
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    Product information "Microsoft Excel 2021 | for Mac"

    Buy Excel 2021 for Mac and perform spreadsheet calculations

    With Excel 2021, Microsoft has released a new version of the most successful spreadsheet program in the world. If you buy Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac cheaply through our store, you will acquire a full version that is intended for use on macOS and can be used there without any restrictions. With the spreadsheet program you can easily perform mathematical calculations with statistical data and sum up long columns of numbers or determine percentages and averages. If any of the raw numbers you have entered into your spreadsheet change - for example, if you get final numbers to replace preliminary numbers - the spreadsheet will update any calculations you have made based on the new numbers. You can also use a spreadsheet to generate data visualizations such as charts. The Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac license is aimed equally at home users, the self-employed, freelancers, and businesses of all different sizes. Among other things, companies appreciate the comprehensive data analysis functions. Created tables can be processed effortlessly with other Office programs, such as Word 2021 or PowerPoint 2021.

    For numerous improvements: Buy Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac online

    After downloading Excel 2021, you are only a few installation steps away from impressive innovations and improvements. These include shared document creation, also known as co-authoring, which lets you work on the same Excel file with multiple people in real time without annoying messages about an existing write-protection. This Excel 2021 feature improves team collaboration and, when combined with the revamped commenting features, leads to high productivity. While previous versions used notes to comment on specific passages, virtual conversations are now possible thanks to a new reply button. When you purchase Microsoft Excel 2021, you can manage custom views. This feature eliminates some issues that regularly occurred in the past when you were working with a shared Excel file. With previous versions, once you open a workbook, you often see other users' sorts and filters. Until now, several steps were required to return to the original version and subsequently display all data in the desired form. Now each user can define individual views, which are not shown to other people after opening.

    Buy Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac and use new features

    If you buy Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac, you will benefit from new features that will help you search and process data. These include the XVERWEIS function, which lets you easily search for a specific value in columns, rows as well as tables. Since the search can be performed both horizontally and vertically, the new function is considered a replacement for SVERWEIS and WEVERWEIS. With the Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac license, the LET function is also available. This allows you to assign a name to a calculation result and thus define a variable that you can use in calculations. Instead of typing a specific formula over and over again or pasting it after copying, you can simply use the variable you defined yourself. This increases readability and ultimately saves time. If you purchase Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac through our store, you can now search for an element in a row or range of cells by using the XMatch function. As a result, the software will return you the relative position within the range of cells. Microsoft Excel 2021 Mac Key is thus the key to even more efficient and goal-oriented work.

    System requirements:


    Intel or Apple Silicon processor (M1 chip)

    Operating Systems

    Mac OS for Mac
    Office for Mac is supported under the three latest versions of macOS. With the general availability of new major versions of macOS, Microsoft will discontinue support for the oldest version and instead support the latest and both previous versions of macOS. Product feature functionality and availability may vary on older systems. For a smooth user experience, use the latest version of each of the operating systems listed above.


    at least 4 GB RAM

    Hard diskspace

    at least 10 GB available space


    at least Display resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels

    (contact the manufacturer for more detailed information)

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