Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business | for Windows | Account linked

Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business | for Windows | Account linked
Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business | for Windows | Account linked
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    Product information "Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business | for Windows | Account linked"

    Buy Office 2019 Home and Business account bound for Windows and use a comprehensive collection

    The account-based license for Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business, which you can buy cheaply through our store, is not tied to a specific device and opens the way to a professional office suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The program collection is the ideal software solution for home users, businesses, government agencies, students, pupils and law firms. Since the user interface has been largely retained compared to the previous version, the changeover is effortless. The programs let you perform various tasks at home and in the office under Windows in just a few steps. If you buy the account-based key for the Office package via our store online at a low price, you will benefit from numerous new functions. Especially in the areas of multimedia and advanced networking, innovative new features can be found.

    For effective work: Office 2019 Home and Business buy online cheap

    The included programs Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook offer individual strengths designed for different tasks. Microsoft Word for Windows is the professional word processing software that lets you edit content of any kind and give it an appealing design. Whether business correspondence, presentations, notices, club reports or invitations, the software solution lets you process texts comprehensively. With Excel you can manage extensive tables and solve mathematical tasks. From simple totals to complex scientific calculations, the functions open up new possibilities. Data can be effortlessly visualized with charts. Professional tools are also available for comprehensive analysis of information. If you buy the account-based key for the program collection online, you can create impressive presentations with PowerPoint. The software offers numerous tools and design templates that let you create virtual slides in just a few steps. With the program you can convey complex relationships in an understandable way. The e-mail management program Outlook is the ideal center for sending, receiving, archiving and managing messages. With the software, you can also create appointments as well as tasks and keep an eye on them.

    Buy an account-based key for Office 2019 Home and Business at a low price and work effectively

    The account-based key for HB is tied to a Microsoft account and not to a specific device. The powerful Microsoft Translator can translate words and phrases into another language and removes language barriers. A new morph transition can now be used in PowerPoint for Windows, which allows impressive animations to be realized. After downloading the software from the server, you can easily use 3D graphics in Office programs and freely rotate and place these objects. You can improve the visual effect in Word, Excel and PowerPoint by using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with applied filters. These graphics can be scaled without quality loss. As a result, you will have almost no limits when it comes to creative design.

    Purchase Office 2019 Home and Business online and process data comprehensively

    Excel 2019 included in the program package has been enhanced with new TEXT CHAIN, TEXT CHAIN, and WHEN functions that significantly expand the possibilities of data processing. Effortlessly, you can compare multiple values, evaluate them and determine the further processing of the information. In terms of charts, the spreadsheet program now offers descriptive map charts for displaying data with a geographical reference. For example, if you want to visualize the development of infection figures in a certain region, no costly additional software is required. If you purchase Home and Business from our store, you will also have the appropriate functions for such tasks. Outlook has also been enriched with numerous features. For example, you can schedule a meeting across multiple time zones and avoid overlapping appointments in just a few steps. If necessary, the e-mail management program can read messages aloud while you complete other tasks in parallel.

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